ERRIN: BioEconomy Projects Development Workshop

Catalonia Office to the EU: Rue de la Loi 227 - 1040 Brussels

Dear ERRIN and ERIAFF Members and Stakeholders,



We are pleased to invite you to the ERRIN & ERIAFF H2020 BIO-Economy Projects Development Workshop (PDW) in Brussels on 28 November 2014.

This event is one of the many events during the ERRIN Brokerage Events Week (24th – 28th November in Brussels). Please find attached (top-right corner of this webpage) the ERRIN Flyer. More info HERE.


Project Leaders had the opportunity to send in their Project Ideas.


Now it’s your turn to express your interest!  

You can do this by filling in the Webform here below by 21st November. The deadline will be strictly respected!


All of you (the Event is open to everyone not only ERRIN Members) will be able to select max 2 Round Tables (one each Round).

Registration will be Quick and Easy!

Please provide your Data and simply tick the boxes  related to the 2 Round Tables you are interested in attending.

We will then organise the Round Tables consequently and assign project partners to the different Round Tables.


You will find an updated Agenda here attached (top-right corner of this webpage).


Date: 28th November 2014 (timing: 9.00 – 14.00)

Venue: Catalunya office, Rue de la Loi 227




Event objectives:
The ERRIN/ERIAFF  Project Development Workshop (PDW) aims at allowing participants to share project ideas and find synergies with other actors in the perspective of submitting proposal for the 2015 call of the Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2. The 13 brokerage tables were selected based on the expressions of interest collected among ERRIN/ERIAFF member regions.

The Brokerage tables:
Each table will allow the registered participants to share their ideas on the concerned topic. A table leader, selected among those who expressed interest in the early organizational phase, will kick off the discussion. A facilitator form ERRIN/ERIAFF Regions will accompany each brokerage table. Some NCPs will be available to support participants during the brokerage sessions.
Participants will have the opportunity to present their ideas through power-point presentations (which must be limited at 5 min. each)


Overall expected participation:
Registrations are going very well and we expect a large participation.
A list of participants will be available during the event.

*A light lunch will be offered to participant during the second brokerage session.
Please feel free to send this invitation to all relevant Stakeholders in your Region.


We’re  looking forward to meeting you in Brussels!


Registration is now closed. We cannot guarantee the possibility of registration after 14th November.

Please select ONLY one Round Table for Round One. For all Information related to the Calls/Topics, please refer to the Official Work Programmes of the European Commission H2020 Programme.
Please select ONLY one Round Table for this second Round For all Information related to the Calls/Topics, please refer to the Official Work Programmes of the European Commission H2020 Programme.
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