Mobility of professionals in medico-social sector

Call title:
KA1 Mobility of Vocational training
Types of partners sought
Medico-social structures ; Nursing home cares ; Not-for-profit associations, public bodies or local authorities ; Preferably located in peri-urban or rural areas.

This project aims to make sure that the consortium partners’ staff can develop new professional skills and techniques, in the field of dependency support, more specifically for the elderly and the elderly with disabilities. To do so, project’s partners will offer placements to other partners’ staff.

The coordinator is AGAPE, a nursing home association from Pays de la Loire.


·        Staff concerned : any kind of staff (nurses, nursing assistants, kitchen staff, administrative staff, maintenance staff, facilitators, reception staff, …).

·        Length and Period of the placement: 15 days (to be discussed), preferably when all the permanent staff is available.

·    Placement requirements:

  • Each participant will receive a scholarship "Erasmus +", which covers transportation from his home to the work placement structure, housing, food ;
  • This placement period will consist in trainings in a professional environment and will enable trainees to acquire new skills ;
  • Each participant will also benefit from specific training prior to their departure to the welcoming country.

·    Skills to acquire in the field of medical and social elderly and old-disable people support:

  • Identify and learn from different approaches in other European structures ;
  • Recognize complementarity of other skills in practices and in professions linked with elderly and old-disable persons support ;
  • Learn from new methods, such as non-drug management and care, towards residents of the structures: change one’s approach.

·        Reciprocity: AGAPE wishes to implement a reliable partnership, in order to host also some job-shadowing staff from our European partners in our structures, and to sustain the relation for further projects.

Deadline of the call:
Financial aspects:
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