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Management Board Elections 2018

The ERRIN Management Board has 15 members. Each member is elected for a term of three years, who under the current statutes can serve two consecutive terms. Each year five Management Board seats are up for election. This year we have received seven nominations that meet the eligibility criteria for the five seats available. For more detailed information on the Management Board elections, please read the guidelines

Election procedure

Each member organisation is asked to vote for five candidates. All members can vote once under the condition that they have paid their membership fee for 2018. If more than one vote is received from the same member, these votes will not be counted. 

The candidates who receive the largest number of votes will be elected to the Management Board until all the available seats on the Management Board have been filled. The Management Board is elected with at least 50% of the members +1 member voting (quorum). If this minimum is not reached, there will be a second round without a quorum. 

Voting will close on Wednesday 17 October, 17.00 CET. 

Key dates

  • 17 October - voting closes
  • 22 October - announcement of election results
  • 7 November - first meeting of the new Management Board 


(in alphabetical order)


Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (France) | Ms Hortense Lutz-Hermellin | Read motivation letter


ADR Nord-Est (Romania) | Mr Bogdan Chelariu | Read motivation letter

Catalonia (Spain) | Ms Meritxell Serret Aleu | Read motivation letter

Cities Northern Netherlands (the Netherlands) | Mr Pieter Faber | Read motivation letter

Eindhoven-Brainport (the Netherlands) | Mr Anthony van de Ven | Read motivation letter

Helsinki-Uusimaa Region (Finland) | Ms Krista Taipale | Read motivation letter

South Norway (Norway) | Mr Stig Marthinsen | Read motivation letter

Current Management Board


Central Denmark (Denmark) | Mr Lars Holte Nielsen


Scotland Europa (United Kingdom) | Ms Sarah English

Union Camere Lombardia (Italy) | Mr Ludovico Monforte (end of mandate)


Aragón Exterior (Spain) | Mr Francisco Vigalondo (shared mandate with Generalitat Valenciana)

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (France) | Ms Hortense Lutz (re-election)

Cornwall Brussels Office (United Kingdom) | Ms Katie Cavell

Delegation of the Government of Navarra (Spain) | Mr Mikel Irujo Amezaga (end of mandate)

Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (Germany) | Ms Martina Hilger

Île-de-France (France) | Françoise Chotard (end of mandate)

Lodzkie Region (Poland) | Mr Marcin Podgorskie (end of mandate)

Region Östergötland (Sweden) | Ms Madeleine Koskull 

Region Västra Götaland (Sweden) | Mr Robert Casinge

Stavanger Region European Office (Norway) | Ms Heidi Kristina Jakobsen

Stuttgart Region (Germany) | Mr Marcus Göpfert

WaterCampus Leeuwarden (the Netherlands) | Mr Pieter de Jong