Horizon Europe: Climate, Energy & Mobility Cluster

Location: European Commission, Auditorium, Rue de la Loi 102
Event Date: 2018-11-13
Time: 09:00:00

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Energy & Climate Change




Horizon Europe: Climate, Energy and Mobility Cluster

Together with the European Commission’s Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD), ERRIN is organising a high-level meeting to explore how the Horizon Europe cluster on climate, energy and mobility could be implemented. Collaboration between these areas is crucial to build sustainable low carbon regions and cities. Breaking the silos and working in the intersection between energy, climate, ICT and transport, is already happening on a local and regional level.

With this event ERRIN would like to illustrate why cities and regions are vital for the successful implementation of this cluster and showcase best practices of how these collaborative projects can be set up, but also discuss challenges faced. 

Above you will find the agenda, the text from the Horizon Europe proposal regarding the cluster, and other supporting documents.

Update: Registration for the event is now closed.

As the number of seats available is limited, please be aware that your submission will be reviewed and a formal confirmation of registration sent to you.

Preparation of a booklet with policy recommendations regarding the cluster

In relation to the event we are gathering input from members on the cluster to form a collection of examples which would provide input to the Commission in their further work on the cluster.

The deadline has been set to 15 November COB, as this is something we will provide after the event and link to discussions that took place during the event. 

Your example should be in the intersection of the areas covered in the cluster i.e. climate, energy, transport, or related to the topic of smart cities. Examples will not exclusively cover projects but could also show how a regional innovation ecosystem gears its support structures around activities in energy, transport, climate solutions, and smart cities. The format is a short one to two pages long document briefly introducing your example, outlining the relevance of your example to the cluster, a short explanation of how your example reinforces the cluster, and if possible a summary of your key message(s).

Please send your input to pirita.lindholm@errin.eu with anna.tranberg@errin.eu in copy.