I&I WG: Investment Platforms

Location: House of the Dutch Provinces (Rue de Treve 59-61, Brussels)
Event Date: 2018-05-29
Time: 10:30:00

Event Type:

Working Group

Working Group:





The I&I WG is pleased to invite you to a WG meeting on Investment Platforms on 29th May. This meeting is co-organised with the Bioeconomy WG, the Smart Cities WG and the Blue Growth WG, as the investment platforms presented and discussed during the meeting touch upon all these thematic areas.

The event will particularily look into the URBIS – Urban investment advisory platform, as well as the newly announced Circular Economy Platform.

The agenda of the meeting is attached herewith. To register, fill out the form below. 



Please note that for the meeting we would like to have up to two more examples from our membership interested in using Investment Platforms to support transition towards circular economy. The examples would have a 15-minute slot each in the afternoon session starting at 14.30.

In addition, we could also accommodate local or regional example from an URBIS beneficiary in the morning session (starting at 11.30).

If you have a case to present, please write to communication@errin.eu