Round table discussion: Social consequences of population displacement in Ukraine

Location: Avenue d’Auderghem 22-28 Oudergemlaan B-1040 Brussels
Event Date: 2018-04-24
Time: 14:30:00

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The University of Birmingham organises a round-table discussion, with the purpose to share the research results of the project “Ukraine’s hidden tragedy: understanding the outcomes of population displacement from the country’s war torn regions” and explore the best ways of disseminating the results across Europe.

The event will focus on the most urgent issues of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) found out in interviews, economic and legal analysis: housing, property, health care, registration and pensions. Topics concerning legal issues around the protection of IDPs, the international community’s role and the conflict’s economic impacts will also be discussed. Based on the research conducted, recommendations are provided for international organisations, civic society and authorities to prevent marginalisation and social exclusion of IDPs.

Please confirm your attendance by 17th April 2018 to the following contact person:
Dr Irina Kuznetsova E-mail: I.Kuznetsova[at]