ADRAT is a Regional Development Agency and it has experience in EU funds since its foundation in 1990, with the aim of promoting and spreading the region’s potentialities; promoting and supporting the regional interest; Attending the enterprises’ actions and potential investments; Stimulating cultural, social and valorization actions of the regional patrimony; Stimulating the professional trainings in all means; Organizing conferences and seminars on regional subjects of interest.


In order to undertake these objectives ADRAT, through all these years, has worked with many European and National supportive Programmes such as: PME Teaching/Training; INTERREG PRODER/ LEADER I; LEADER II; ESSEN; ECOS/OUVERTURE; PROTAD; PRONORTE; SAPIC; SPEC; AGRIS; EQUAL; LEADER+; ILE; Own Employment Creation (CPE); SIMC; FAIJE IV; 867 Programme; PEDIP; PPI; IDL; PROCOM; Energy; RIME; ON; INTERREG III A; INTERREG IIIB Sudoe; INTERREG IIIB Atlantic; INTERREG IIIC; Leonardo da Vinci; INOVEJOVEM. At the moment ADRAT has projects approved in the, POCTEP (former INTERREG IIIA); INTERREG 4C; INTERREG 4B Sudoe; INTERREG 4B Atlantic area; Leonardo da Vinci and Lifelong Learning; PRODER Program (LEADER); PROVER (ON2); SME Training; CLAII (Immigrants Support Center);


Main Activities (topics of interest)

Our main activity is to promote and coordinate projects that are important for the region, especially regarding the rural development. Job creation is, without doubt, one of our main purposes. The creation of jobs is one way to help to fix the younger population and prevent the depopulation of the mountain areas, namely in traditional sectors such as agriculture. However we also have activities regarding economic and entrepreneur development, culture and tradition, training and education, etc.

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