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CASTILLA Y LEÓN is a region located at the North-West of Spain. With 94,227 km2,it is the largest region in Spain and one of the largest of Europe. It has 2,4 million inhabitants, which means a low density of population (less than 26 inh/ km2).

Castilla y León Government, has the competences for the design and implementation of public policies on a variety of fields, including the research and innovation area. Through the INSTITUTE FOR BUSINESS COMPETITIVENESS OF CASTILLA Y LEON (ICE), a public institution depending on the Regional Ministry of Economy and Finance of Castilla y León, it promotes the competitiveness of the companies located in the region, fostering its innovation and internationalization, facilitates the access to finance and supports the creation of new businesses and activities.

The Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy of Castilla y León (RIS3) includes among its thematic priorities agriculture and agro-food industry, manufacturing and processing technologies, especially in transport sectors, health and social care, demographic change and well-being, natural and cultural heritage, and cross-cutting activities related to information and communication technologies, energy and sustainability.

Also, the Strategy for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment of Castilla y León (2016-2020) foresees concrete measures in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, technology transfer, sectoral specialization and development of the territory through the valorisation of endogenous resources, with the objective of promoting the economic growth and the competitiveness of its companies and regional organizations.

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