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Randstad Region is a network-organisation that represents the joint interests of the Dutch provinces Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Utrecht, and Flevoland in Brussels.

The responsibility of the provinces for spatial regional economic policy is constantly growing. As a consequence, for the Randstad provinces, the responsibility is to uphold and extend the competitive position of the region in an international perspective. Other tasks for the Randstad Region include developing a safe and climate-proof delta and improving the living and working climate in the region by combining water, nature and landscape with developments of and in the urban areas.

This responsibility, linked to the Europe 2020 strategy itself aimed at arriving a sustainable, smart and competitive Europe by 2020, is something that is to be achieved through the implementation of the European programmes for the period 2014 through to 2020, means that the Randstad Cooperation in Europe is focused on the following four priority fields: Future Regional Policy, Knowledge and Innovation, Sustainable Living Environment and Rural Areas under Urban Pressure.

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