Region Värmland

Region Värmland is an organisation that the county’s 16 municipalities have formed jointly with the county council to take responsibility for regional development, growth issues, culture, public transportation and adult education in Värmland.


Main activities, fields of interest


  • Coordinating the formulation of regional development strategies for all of Värmland. Including the RIS3 and a research cooperagtion with Karlstad University.
  • Making decisions on state and regional funds
    for regional development and growth
  • Preparing and co-financing cases for the EU’s structural funds
  • As the owner of The Regional Energy Agency increase the demand of more efficient use of energ
  • Drawing up a county transport plan
  • Working for a sustainable skills supply
  • Developing regional culture (cultural plans)
  • Developing public transportation in Värmland
  • Developing regional folk high schools
  • Coordinating profile and marketing work

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Kajsa Sundström Van Zeveren

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Sustainable transport in cross-border cooperation

Sustainable transport in cross-border cooperation

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