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The Saxony Liaison Office Brussels is the representation of the Free State of Saxony to the European Union.

Saxony, situated in the East of Germany with a long border to Poland and the Czech Republic, offers a huge variety of opportunities for science and research. 4 universities, 5 universities of applied research, 5 universities related to the arts and a universitiy of cooperative education create a unique landscape for higher education. Furthermore more than 40 research institutes, either within the framework of the 4 big nation wide research organziation or financed by Saxony, show the strength of research in our region.

Since the refoundation of Saxony in 1990 it has reached a world known reputation in microelectronics, nanotechnology, mechanical and automotive engineering, material sciences, biotechnology or neuro sciences. One of the key factors among others for this success story was the efficient combination of national and regional fundig with EU structural funds.

Today Saxony is a top address for science and research, ready for the future.


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Wolfgang Kill
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