Updated programme Energy Study Visit Gelderland

Date: 13/09/2017

Updated programme for the Energy Transition study visit to Gelderland - October 31 to November 2, 2017.

The Dutch ERRIN's members of Arnhem Nijmegen City Region, Cleantech Region and FoodValley Region are inviting ERRIN members to a study visit in the province of Gelderland. Energy transition will be the main theme of the trip. Several activities are plannend (meetings with regional partners, visiting of sites in Arnhem Nijmegen City Region, Cleantech Region and/or FoodValley Region). Additionaly, a regional energy game will be play, showing the main competing priorities in terms of energy strategies among participants' regions.

If you are interested to participate. Please send an email to Daisy Pasenea: d.pasanea@gelderland.nl 

For more information within ERRIN, please feel free to contact Arnout Smit: arnout.smit@arnhemnijmegen.eu.