Hiking Europe Network

Types of partners sought
EU regions

Hiking Europe project is looking for the regions/organisations  who wants to join the Network.

Hiking Europe project’s main objective is to promote a transational network of rural touristic routes structured in several hiking itineraries across Europe. The partnership gathers 8 members from 6 different EU countries: Spain (Catalonia), Italy (Emilia- Romagna), Croatia (Dubrovnik-Neretva), Ireland (Donegal), Austria and Germany. In total, this represents 1.170 km of hiking routes in 4 different EU countries.

This differentiation will allow the development of tourism at a territorial level, spreading the benefits across the territory, promoting cohesion, sustainability and local community participation. Therefore, HikingEurope addresses the issue of tourism diversification in European regions that have traditionally focused on mass tourism but are willing to commit with a more sustainable, responsible and high-quality alternative approach based in less explored areas, specifically in rural locations. To conclude, this project also contributes to territorial balance and cohesion by fostering local economic development in areas traditionally less exposed to international tourism.

Please find enclosed a letter of interest if your region wants to join the Hiking Europe Network.

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