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Call title:
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global – Pilot project - 263/G/GRO/PPA/17/9860
Types of partners sought
We are an International Entrepreneurship Centre (CISE) based in Northen Spain, Santander, dedicated to promote an entrepreneurial culture through innovative training and support programs. We have access to over 3.000 young entrepreneurs through our annual entrepreneurship education and support programs that we implement throughout Spain. Our role within the consortium could consist in the identification and selection of young Spanish entrepreneurs for the Erasmus Young Entrepreneur Program as well as the program mangagement in Spain.

Searching for a consortium / project leader. We would like to participate as partners in a consortium within the call for proposals "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global – Pilot project"

Deadline of the call:
Financial aspects:
EC contribution:750.000€ -EC co-funding rate:90% -Foreseen project budget