Improvement of integrated environmental management of urban


AIM AND OBJECTIVES: to improve the integrated environmental management of urban transformation processes at FUA level. In particular it aims to develop and test, across Central Europe FUAs, an innovative transnational Tool able to support Public Authorities within Functional Urban Areas to assess the environmental impacts of any urban transformation at FUA level and their associated economic costs, and to integrate these economic considerations within planning permissions and associated fees, thus internalizing environmental costs at the planning stage.



COUNTRIES: AUSTRIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, GERMANY (only Central Europe area), POLAND. Subjects from other Central Europe countries may join as associated partners.

FOR EACH COUNTRY: We are looking for one partner plus associated partners, in order to have the engagement of the following subjects in each country:

- A City testing the tool as pilot site within a Functional Urban Area (for list of FUAs per country see

- The relevant level of policy makers (if it’s not the city itself) able to receive, debate and approve/include recommendations for policy inclusion

- In some countries a technical partner (University/relevant Planning Institute/Research centre) working on transnational metodology and tool and supporting the City in pilot testing and training.

Deadline of the call: