Creative Europe: Trading and cultural interaction between No

Call title:
Call for Proposals EACEA 32/2017: Support for European cooperation projects 2018
Types of partners sought
We search for relevant partners from the museum- or university-sector and others in the cultural heritage field, specifically in the Netherlands and Germany (preferably the Rhine-area), and/or from cultural heritage operators from other countries with an expressed interest in the topic.

Akershus County Council are looking for partners to develop a project to show a European audience how trading and cultural interaction between the Germans, the Dutch and the Norwegians (Son in Eastern Norway) from 1500-1750 have affected the countries involved, and moulded their cultural heritage today, both material and immaterial. The main objectives are to:

  • Create awareness and reflection about how cultural interaction due to early trading have affected the cultural identity of the Norwegian, Dutch and German people today.
  • Capacity building through exchange of knowledge with professionals in the cultural heritage sector in the Netherlands and Germany, to learn about their collections, and see how they communicate their findings and material to the general public (such as exhibitions, websites, mobile applications etc).   

Section for Cultural Heritage, Akershus County Council have the regional responsibility to maintain and preserve cultural heritage in Akershus County. We work on topics such as zone planning and archaeological surveys, architectural heritage, The Pilgrims Way and historical trails, information-signs and maintenance of cultural heritage sites, and communication to the public.  

Communicating our cultural heritage to the public is an important part of our heritage agenda. By working together with outside-partners, we have acquired a diverse experience in different ways of presenting our history – for example exhibitions. A special project we manage is the «Archaeologist for a Day», where schoolchildren in the 4th grade get to excavate with real archaeologists from Akershus County Council. 

The project proposed aims at reinforcing a sense of belonging to a common European space, by showcasing how cooperation and trade routes have affected cultural identity in three countries, and beyond. We will challenge the concept ”Typical Norwegian –or Typical Dutch” etc., in keeping with the priorities of The European Year for Cultural Heritage 2018.

A key-element in the project will be to communicate the results/findings to the general public. We suggest two possible angles:

  1. Physical – for example an exhibition that can be presented to the public in the three countries.
  2. Digital – for exampel a website or a mobile application. 

We will work together with our partners to develop innovative and effecient methods for reaching and engaging our audiences.

Deadline of the call:
Financial aspects:
To be decided with partners