Municipality with selective organic collection

Call title:
Integrated system innovation in valorising urban biowaste. Topic identifier: CE-SFS-25-2018
Types of partners sought
FCC - WP Leader (ES) Aqualia - WP Leader (ES) Aqualia - Third Party (CZ) CENER - WP Leader (ES) UNIMORE - WP Leader (IT) ITENE - Coordinator, WP Leader (ES) VIZZUM - WP Leader (IE) IRIS - Third party (ES) CSCP - WP Leader (DE) Aeris - Technologies WP Leader (ES) Novamont - WP Leader (IT) NutritionScience - Safety & risk assessment (BE) BBIA - WP Leader Communication, training, dissemination (UK) ASA - Enzyme provider and producer (DE) Municipality of Madrid - Municipality (ES) Municipality of Ostrava - Municipality (CZ)
Working group:
BioeconomyEnergy & Climate Change
Deadline of the call:
Financial aspects:
Innovation action. Funding rate 100%. ITENE is working with a consultancy firm that charges a fixed fee of 800€ and a success fee of 2.5% (MUNICIPALITIES ARE EXCLUDED FROM THE FIXED FEE)