From Smart Homes to Smart Blocks

Call title:
DT-TDS-01-2019, SC1-DTH-05-2019 or SC1-DTH-03-2018
Types of partners sought
Looking for: Partners with experience of working with intelligent sensor systems and artificial intelligence in bigger geographical areas, enterprises with stable solutions of open systems as well as care giving organisations and public sector working with a user-based focus that involves the users in the development process and that enables the implementation of the project results.

"Where the needs of elderly, health care, building professionals, landlords and technologists integrate for a new generation of residences with ICT technology for safe/secure living providing the full of range of services and activities for its citizens."

The project: Our vision is to create a sustainable residential environment where elderly are active members of society and that they have a high quality of life throughout the ageing process. The focus is to examine the challenges and solutions for building the next generation of elderly residences where:

  1. one can grow old in place without limiting activities to the interior of an apartment
  2. all relevant services and activities are fully integrated in a sustainable and cost-effective way
  3. ICT technology such as smart sensor systems are not just in place but coordinated with the full range of services and activities

Expected impact: The biggest effect of a smart block is to demonstrate technology benefit towards societal challenge for not only large cities bit also for small towns. We will establish the idea of a “smart block” as a new urban housing solution integrating intelligent ICT technology on a large scale that supports coordinated services and facilities and thus promotes active/sustainable living in a safe and secure environment. A multidisciplinary endeavour will be undertaken which starts from the needs and partial solutions from several domains and is able to integrate them together. The identification and integration of needs is the essential first step for realizing a smart block in an urban context.

About us: Alfred Nobel Science Park (ANSP) and Örebro University are based in Region Örebro County, Sweden. ANSP is a central actor in the regional innovation system and Örebro University, represented by the Department of Science and Technology, is leading in the area of autonomous, integrated systems with an outstanding record in smart elderly living environments. ANSP and Örebro University have worked together in numerous projects in the field of smart elderly living funded by the EU, the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova (the Swedish innovation agency). They have also developed a testbed apartment, called Ängen, together with the regional real-estate company Länsgården Fastigheter AB. The apartment serves as a hallmark example of how ICT technology and robotics can be used supporting elderly living. Through our experience, we see an apparent need for a systematic approach in the integration of technology and services in future residences. In fact, it is currently not known how to scale-up many of the solutions for isolated smart home technology, to a full elderly residence, that efficiently serves the needs of several elderly and personnel. This is what we want to tackle in our project.

More information about the testbed apartement Ängen:

We have identified three interesting calls for Smart blocks and depending on the expressions of interest and possible partners, we will be able to decide on which one to apply to.

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Deadline of the call:
Financial aspects:
To be decided with future partners.