"Leave no one behind us- Human rights education and activism

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Erasmus+ KA1
Types of partners sought
The International Institute for Human Rights and Peace is a non-profit organization. It aims at developing a culture of peace by promoting an equal access to Human Rights for every citizen.

The International Institute for Human Rights and Peace (Institut international des droits de l'Homme et de la paix), located in Caen (Normandy, France), is looking for 5 more partners for an Erasmus+ KA1 project proposal entitlted "Leave no one behind us- Human rights education and activism against marginalization".

“Leave no one behind - Human rights education and activism against marginalization” is a multiphase project which includes 2 mobility activities: A1 - Trainings Course and A2 - Seminar/Evaluation. The project also includes “Local activities - applying the competences” in between the mobilities, as well as spin-off activities and follow up.

The project aims to give participants a deeper understanding of violent extremism and concrete tools to work with youth in danger of being influenced by violent extremism and/or hate speech. The project will tackle different political, ethnic and religious forms of violent extremism which in recent years have drawn young persons in Europe and its neighboring countries.

The project will be focusing on:
- Developing an understanding about violent extremism and its influence among young people.
- Researching how youth work could prevent extremism amongst youth.
- How to use HRE tools and methodologies while working with youth that has been affected by violent extremism;

Both mobility sessions will consist of training and seminar/evaluation meetings including input from qualified trainers and guest speakers researching youth and violent extremism. Also, good practice examples from participants will be shared and documented.

The project structure follows the following logic:
The timeline of the project flows through the following logic:
Phase 0 - Preparation of the participants;
Phase 1 - (A1 in the Grant Proposal) training of the youth workers;
Phase 2 - Local activities - applying the competences;
Phase 3 - (A2 in the Grant Proposal) evaluation seminar of the local activities and planning the spin-off follow-up activities
Phase 4 - Spin-off activities and follow up

The project focuses more European Cooperation with Eastern Europe and Caucasus involves for now 5 partners from following countries: France, FYROM, Georgia, Armenia, Hungary, Turkey. The project envisages tangible outreach to the youth at risk of social exclusion and mapping the good practices preventing and counter-actions against violent extremism.

Deadline to contact the project coordinator: February 13, 2018

Please contact: Mr Jonas BOCHET, Director of the Institute, jonas.bochet@2idhp.eu, 0033 2 31 26 30 91

Deadline of the call: