Call title:
Fast Track to Innovation
Types of partners sought
Concrete prefabs: prototype, design and evaluation the developed products. Research centre: Execution of earthquake tests to verify the prototype. Construction company: prototype, design and evaluation of the developed products.

The project starts from a previous one, that of Structural concrete for earthquakes, implemented by a Spanish concrete company and co-financed by the Spanish Centre for the development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), with a budget of 270.107€. This project, which started in 2015, developed a special concrete which structural behaviour has been tested in reinforced concrete.

Several tests have been made in order to develop the new concrete with the following milestones:

- at a distance of 30 cm between supports, we have reached deformations of 2.5 cm. The material maintains the loads to which it was exposed to.

- regarding existing publications, we have obtained formulations in which the aggregate size can be increased (4-5 mm), obtaining the desired properties of high ductility.

The main objective is to develop and introduce into the market some innovative products from special concrete. In particular, it will study and develop:

- some kind of concrete with better behaviour against earthquakes (concrete dosage with a high resistance - only 20 Mpa and high ductility has been obtained)

- decorative elements of the façade with bigger dimensions thickness without supporting steel.

- concrete slabs with a structural function thickness to be used in pedestrian bridges, horizontal protection, balconies, etc.

We are looking for concrete prefabs, a research centre and a construction company.

The main objective of this project is to validate in real environment and commercially launch a new kind of concrete with polymers with better properties than conventional ones.

Deadline of the call:
Financial aspects:
70% of the eligible costs for industry participants and 100% for Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs).