Fossil free district

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INTERREG NWE - Targetted cvall energy
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Typesof partners sought
INTERREG NWE Europa covers the North West of the EU. We are, for this project, looking for 2 furether demonstration areas in countries other than the Netherlands. Also we are looking for industrial/innovation partners that wish to participate and bring in innovative technologies allowing for decentgralised energy production, sotrage and distribution at district level, preferably also engaging an industrial area, or business park.

Like all cities in the Netherlands, Eindhoven is currently looking how to comply with the target set by the Dutch national government to phase out the use of natural gas for cooking and heating by 2050. This ambition is part of the Dutch strategy to comply with the Paris Climate agreement and also given in by the recent earthquakes that have hit the north of the country and were a direct result of the extraction of natural gas from the soil in the north of The Netherlands.

Calculations show that the investment and innovation needed to allow for fossil free heating in cooking in urban areas are significant and we are, thus, also looking at the EU for support.

One of the possibilities is INTERREG North West Europe. Eindhoven is currently working with a local partnership on the development of a demonstration project engaging one or several industrial parks coupled with residential areas, with a view to demonstrate innovative technologies, such as smart grids and storage technologies allowing for decentralised production of sustainable energy while guaranteeing a match between offer and demand of energy.

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Energy & Climate Change
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Financial aspects:
The call is a demonstration call for innovative gtyechnologies. INTERREG is looking for large scale demonstrators with significant impact. Thus, the call is looking for significant projects with fitting budgets. the total b udget set asifde for this call is €50,000,000 from which 3-4 projects are to be funded