Urgent Practice Partner Sought Sexual Education for People w

Call title:
KA204 - Strategic Partnerships for adult education
Types of partners sought
We are looking for a partner with applied practical experience in the education of persons with intellectual disabilities or persons on the autism spectrum. Our prospective partner should also command of the expertise necessary to translate their much-needed practical knowledge into the development of coursework material and modules. Our project depends on close collaboration and exchange, both remotely on a regular biweekly basis as well as during several pre-scheduled transnational meetings. Our prospective partner should take up responsibility specifically for the contentual development of learning materials and course modules on sexual education for persons with intellectual disabilities and for persons on the autism spectrum, and our partner will be responsible for the organization of one transnational collaboration meeting.

Project Description:

HoMe, the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences (DE), together with four research and practice partners, is proposing an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership in the field of sexual education for persons with intellectual disabilities and persons on the autism spectrum. E-Pilot, the proposed project, is designed as a follow-up to the EU-funded and successfully implemented TRASE-project for Training in Sexual Education for People with Disabilities, whose output – a much-needed and viable body of coursework material in sexual education – has by now been widely adopted and is used by a broad range of target groups including teachers, caregivers, parents and persons affected.

Based on findings from, i.e., sexology and disability studies and on practical insights gathered in the fields of  social education and care for people with intellectual disabilities, provided and communicated by project partners, E-Pilot further develops, broadens, updates and modifies TRASE materials with due regard, for instance, to emergent fields of discussion, such as the rising awareness for the need of protection against sexualized violence, or the implementation of technical opportunities of interactivity, gamification, participatory learning, inter- and transmediality and non-linear access facilitated by the use of digital media and the envisioned  free-of-charge online access.

Planned Activity:

Development of an E-learning training course on sexual education for persons with cognitive and developmental disabilities and persons on the autism spectrum, to be based on a free-of-charge online learning platform, as well as the development of several accompanying tools (barrier-free website, app for mobile devices, digital handbook)

Project Partners:

HoMe as coordinating institution offers applied practical as well as deep-going theoretical expertise in the combined fields of sexology and social work, an important focus of research and teaching at the university’s Department of Media, Culture and Social Work. At HoMe, the Department of Information Sciences is dedicated to the research in and implementation of representational practices that are crucial for this project, such as barrier-free graphical design and typography and image intelligibility in the context of simple language.

Our Current Partners:

  • Autism Europe / Brussels à umbrella organisation, international association with main objective to advance the rights of people on the autism spectrum
  • University of Gent / Gent à Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences / Department of Public Health and Primary Care
  • Autism La Garriga / Spain à international projects that tend to boys and girls deeply affected by ASD, with associated intellectual disabilities or behaviour disorders
  • InterMedia KT / Greece à  NGO based in Patras, working as a broker for vocational education, training and innovation at the European level
Deadline of the call: