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Looking for LP in ERASMUS plus Programme.

Ardiss, the Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education (an entity established in the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy) whose main referent are students, is looking for partners fin order to exchange best practices in the framework of the ERASMUS plus Programme.

Ardiss' institutional mission consists in organizing and managing an integrated system of services and interventions to support students overcoming the material difficulties and reaching the highest levels of study.  The Agency carries out the interventions concerning the right to university studies and operates directly and through agreements or conventions, with both public and private entities, according to the principle of subsidiarity.

The types of actions/interventions, carried out by Ardiss, can be summarized as follows:
- it provides benefits of economic nature for students, divided into: (I) scholarships; (II) loans; (III) contributions.
- it manages any other service to students, such as: (I) housing services; (II) restaurant services; (III) services for international mobility and reception; (IV) orientation service; (V) cultural, aggregation, tourism and sports services; (VI) transport facilitation services; (VII) services for people with disabilities; (VIII) health care services.

In the framework of a project focused on the exchange of best practices (also within the European Council for Student’s Affairs - ECTSA context), Ardissis is looking for partners with a good experience in waste management, recycle, sustainability, environmental impact and/or water-related issues.

In detail,Ardiss is working on three topics:

I) Water: our goal is to reduce the use of plastic bottles. To do so, we will install water dispensers and give reusable metal bottles to the students.

II) Concrete choices for changing the students behaviours and for generating a better impact on environment, in ones daily lives by:
- taking part in a national initiative that aims to reduce light pollution;
- reducing the use of heathers and A/C when not using offices or student rooms;
- reducing food waste and energy waste in the kitchens;
- promoting the use of the stairs rather than the lift;
- switching off lights when leaving a room;
- improving bike sharing experience;
- promoting better use of shared washing machines to reduce the use of water, energy and detergent;
- implementing waste reduction tips;
- reducing the use of synthetic fibres (known to release substances in the environment when washed);
- showing films on the environment;
- visiting disposal and recycling plants in our Region.

III) Recycle choices:
- enhancing waste separation;
- cooperating with waste disposal companies;
- reducing the use of paper or use recycled paper;
- joining the national initiative Plastic Free;
- reducing packaging in vending machines;
- wastecomposting;
- book crossing.

If interested, please contact Mr. Gino Cormons,, Tel.: +32(0)2 500 88 47 or directly Mrs. Lydia Alessio Vernì, , tel. 0039 0403595328


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