Innovative place-based Triple Helix approaches for regional development through Smart Specialisation Strategies

Date: 28/06/2019

The School of Business and Society at St Mary’s University in the UK in cooperation with the Triple Helix Association and with the support from Erasmus+ programme is organising an event on 28-29 June. The participants can present cases and join the debate on ‘Innovative Place-Based Triple Helix Approaches for Regional Development through Smart Specialisation Strategies’. The workshop will focus on the role of location specific innovation strategies and engagement between regional Triple Helix constellations of university-industry-government (U-I-G) partnerships, driving economic growth within regional boundaries. Speakers and participants will have an opportunity to compare impact cases of smart specialisation across the European regional landscape, and examples of location-driven initiatives worldwide. Speakers will engage in discussion on one of the topics: mechanisms for Multi-stakeholder engagement; pathways to collaborative strategic planning; barriers to regional development and innovation; place-based strategies for sustainable development; regional dimensions of knowledge exchange and the role of universities; regional innovation policies and the role of intermediaries. The workshop will seek to identify in which way a genuine Triple Helix approach can reinforce efficient delivery of successful Smart Specialisation Strategies.

Participants will have the opportunity to showcase best practices of place-based strategies and smart specialisation in regions and clusters, and take part in roundtable discussions and open debates with representatives from academia, government and business.

All panels are expected to bring live discussions across the university-industry-government spectrum of stakeholders. Participants can register for the workshop (free of charge) and can submit their proposals for poster presentations or taking part in one of the Roundtable discussions. Science Parks managers can bring-in pull-up banners demonstrating the engagement between key players shaping local innovation ecosystems. Local Enterprise Partnerships can discuss their industrial strategies with experts from the triple helix community and experts shaping place-based local economic development strategies. Catapult managers can present the sectoral translation of smart specialisation and the localized impact for university-industry interactions.

For more information and registration visit the event web page.