French digital clusters looking for partners for Interreg At

Call title:
Second call for project
Types of partners sought
We are looking to join a project being built currently and are open to work with all European countries.

We are looking to provide opportunities for development and cross fertilization, value chain creation, etc. for our member startups, SMBs, large companies and academics.  In addition, we are looking to provide European-sourced technology solutions to key players in the region such as transport (train, bus, vehicules…), health institutes such as hospitals, clinics, agri-manufacturing facilities, schools with e-education, cities and metropoles.

We are searching for an INTERREG project that is looking to bring in digital players to provide added value to a value chain / ecosystem.

The Images & Réseaux cluster is a non-profit association of technology companies and research institutions based in the Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions of France (

The key objectives of I&R are :

  • to initiate and facilitate cooperation and other exchanges between enterprises and academic institutions throughout Western France with the goal in creating a world recognized ecosystem of innovation and research.
  • to set-up projects in the following 6 Strategic Action Domains (DAS):  Multimedia/Broadband/Broadcast/Big Data, Telecommunication Networks/Internet of Things, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Interactions, Cyber/Network Security, Software/Computer Engineering and Collaborative Users and Producers.
  • to initiate and facilitate the valorization and realization of the economic, technological and communication impacts as a result of the projects and from the cluster members as a whole (products / services / revenue / employment…).

The cluster has 190+ small and medium size companies, 30+ large corporations, 30+ academic organizations, research institutions and professional associations.  I&R is funded by the French national government, both the Bretagne and Pays de la Loire regions and the membership fees of its members.

Organizing collaborative R&D projects is the backbone activity of I&R. All funding bodies in France (ANR-Agence Nationale pour la Recherche, FUI-Fonds Unique Interministériel, the Bretagne and Pays-de-la-Loire economic Regions, BPI-Banque Publique d’Investissement) request project certification by the cluster as a condition for funding.

With over 800 projects certified and over 340 projects funded since 2005, with a total project budget of 900M€+, I&R manages project calls, certification and follow-up thanks to its internal team and with the contribution of experts from our Validation and Selection Committee.  

Several priority market segments have been identified for focus :

  • e-Health, e-Education, Smart Cities, Smart Territories, Smart Builidings, Industry of the Future, Connected Vehicules.

This project is a natural continuation of our activity because it will allow the ICT companies and research institutes to apply their expertise in the health market segment that has been identified as a major sector of growth by our members and the Strategic Orientation Committee in charge of defining cluster long term strategy.

Please contact us if you are building a project and need to bring in a digital dimension. We are open to discuss possibilities, if a match is mutually agreed upon, we can join a project, if not, at least we tried.

Deadline of the call: