Call title:
Call 18 – Small collaborative project
Types of partners sought
Lead partner: Context is a Danish SME who has developed NoDep - a program for web-based treatment of depression which is in routine care in Denmark and is a part of the MasterMind project ( The program has evidence for its efficacy and is widely recognized among researchers and other professionals. We are looking for both end-user organisations and technology providing SMEs. End-user organisations should be able to involve elderly in test and develop. The solution involves video content, and some of the EU grant for end user organisation is expected to be used on production of these videos targeted the elderly population. The technological providing SME partner for this project would preferably have its own platform for smartphone-based treatment of mental (or other) illnesses. The platform should produce smartphone based solutions which primarily use videos and interactive graphics for the interface with the user, so any company with experience in that kind of software development would be interesting as a partner. We plan to share royalties with this company and hopefully make more projects together. Only the following countries/regions can get funding for AAL – small collaborative projects: Austria, Brussels, Flanders, Italy, Portugal, Romania, the Basque country.

We are looking for partners to apply for AAL funding to build a novel individualized web-based treatment of depressive disorders targeted elderly people.
Between 10% and 20% of the elderly population has a depressive disorder ( This is much higher than the rest of the adult population, and leads to a lower quality of life as well as higher health care expenses.

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Financial aspects:
Total budget approx.: 400.000 EUR