Special concrete for structures/ HORSIS

Call title:
Types of partners sought
We look for concrete prefabs, research centers and construction companies. Concrete prefabs: prototype, design and evaluation the developed products. Research centre: Execution of earthquake tests to verify the prototype. Construction company: prototype, design and evaluation of the developed products.

A Spanish concrete company has been carrying out a project which started in 2015 called “STRUCTURAL CONCRETE FOR EARTHQUAKES”. In this project, a special concrete has been developed and its structural behaviour has been evaluated in reinforced concrete.

Some findings have been obtained from what can be founded in international bibliography. On the one hand, it has developed a concrete with better properties than conventional ones, but it has also studied the behaviour of this kind of concrete with structural elements.

The general objective is to develop and introduce into the market some innovative products from special concrete. In particular, it will study and develop:

  • Some kind of concrete with better behaviour against earthquakes.
  • Decorative elements of the façade with bigger dimensions thickness without supporting steel.
  • Concrete slabs with a structural function thickness to be used in pedestrian bridge, horizontal protection, balconies, etc.

The project will cover all phases to introduce the products into the market, from the dosage definite according to the available materials in each area, to validation and sale of the products.

Deadline of the call: