The aim of the Opening Science Working Group is to develop the agenda on open science including responsible research and innovation, interface between citizens, researchers and universities Facilitate information to and from members of the WG to relevant stakeholders.

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Berwyn Davies
Welsh Higher Education Brussels – Welsh Government
Ida Heebøll
Copenhagen EU Office
Martina Hilger
Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
Anja Lurson
Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

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How can we increase the tourism potential of our cultural heritage sites through innovation? How can we achieve that they evoke emotions and offer a personal experience to visitors? How can we ensure that the experience economy, involving the local communities, will offer affordable, inclusive and sustainable services in the medium/long run? Are you interested to brainstorm with us about these questions? Then come along and be part of the discussion that the Tourism Working Group of ERRIN is...

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Representation of the European Region Tyrol - South Tyrol - Trentino
The workshop aims to offer an overview on some EU funding programmes that support awareness raising and education activities on the European cultural heritage (namely ‘Europe for Citizens’, ‘Erasmus+’ and ‘Creative Europe’), as well as examples of some relevant projects co-financed by the Commission in the previous years. Moreover, the workshop intends to foster the discussion on possible forms of cooperation among regional stakeholders. Therefore, the workshop will be articulated in two parts...
House of European History to the EU, Rue Belliard 135, 1000 Brussels
100 years after the end of World War I, the conference will focus on the wars raging in Europe between 1914 and 1945, as well as other relevant events before and after that period that shaped and changed Europe in many ways. It will address political as well as educational aspects of memories and memorial sites and explore the role of war memories for our common European History and European Identity. The conference is part of the official programme of the European Year of Cultural Heritage...
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Meeting minutes Missions in FP9 26.02.2018

Summary of the two presentations and discussion.

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