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The cooperation between five counties in the South of Sweden; Kalmar, Jönköping, Blekinge, Kronoberg and Halland together with the three major universities Blekinge Institute of Technology, Jönköping University and Linnaeus University, make up the area of Småland-Blekinge-Halland.


The area is known for its strong entrepreneurial structure, based on its many SMEs. According to the OECD, these SMEs have shown an exceptional ability to adapt to economic fluctuations and global competition.  The region is also well-known throughout Sweden for its design-driven (IKEA) and innovative manufacturing industries.


Because of the region's strong design and innovative environment, ICT is a vital part of entrepreneurial development of Småland-Blekinge-Halland. In this context the strong ICT sector foresees a strong development in e-health, not least through the fun and functional gaming industry.


Having the longest coastline in the country, Småland-Blekinge-Halland is highly influenced by water issues and the sea. There is a great wealth in maritime competence surrounding this sector.


The demand from other countries, e g China, for our competence within green technology is increasingly important. Amongst others this is evident in the wood sector, where different materials are integrated to new functions, such as in the construction of buildings adapted to new demands.

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