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WaterCampus Leeuwarden is the physical core of the developments in the field of water technology in Fryslan. The main innovation driver is Wetsus, centre of excellence for sustainable water technology. It runs an industry driven research agenda with company and university participants from all over the EU. Another important actor is the Water Alliance, a cluster organization bringing together the most innovative water technology SMEs from all over the Netherlands. On education side there are degrees from Vocational Education and Training (CIV-Water), Universities of Applied Sciences (CEW), University (Wetsus Master Track), as well as PhDs.

Technology development is also enhanced by demo sites. Any water technology that has been tested successfully in the lab can be tested on larger scale in one of the 5 demo sites in the province of Fryslan. These are open for any European (and Global) Company.

The fruitful cooperation has resulted in dozens of spin-offs companies, which have successfully taken the step to the world market.

The example of the WaterCampus shows that having a vision and remaining to your area of focus can yield great results. The Province of Fryslan started with the water technology sector 20 years ago. A decade ago Wetsus started its activities. Now the WaterCampus Leeuwarden harbors an innovation potential that goes way beyond the initial vision. It delivers on EU level.

Fryslan and WaterCampus Leeuwarden are ready to connect to more actors and regions in Europe on the topic of Water Technology or with cross-over sectors. We encourage companies that seriously wish to innovate to visit uscome over and meet our network. We also look forward to establish further collaborationcooperate further with regions of the EU-12 regarding Widening Participation.

For more information, please visitwww.watercampus.nl/en


Main Activities (topics of interest)

  • Wetsus

Since October 2014, Wetsus is a new member of Climate-KIC, which is one of the three knowledge and Innovation communities (KICs) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Furthermore, Wetsus it is an active member of several FP7 projects such as CAPMIXValuefromUrineBioElectroMet and DENEWAIn addition, Wetsus is an active member of the EIP on Water Taskforce, WssTP and ERRIN on European level. Finally, Wetsus large international network which brings scientists, entrepreneurs and PHDs students together from all over Europe.

For more information, please visit: www.wetsus.nl


  • Province of Fryslân

The Province of Fryslân is aware of the necessity of looking across borders. The capital Leeuwarden has won the European Capital of Culture 2018 title, where the topic water will play an essential role in the programme. The Province is collaborating in INTERREG-programmes and is involved in prospective new partnerships and projects with other European regions.

For more information, please visit:  www.fryslan.nl or www.2018.nl/en-us/home


  • Water Alliance

The Water Alliance supports SME’s in the water technology industry in terms of match-making, marketing and business development. Water Alliance is also located on the WaterCampus Leeuwarden.

Currently, there are 5 demo-sites in the Province of Fryslân. At these demo-sites companies and research institutes can test successful lab findings on a higher level. The locations cover a wide range of water technologies :

  • Demosite Antonius Hospital Sneek (hospital waste water)
  • Demostite SENTEC-Glimmen (sensoring technologies)
  • Demosite Vitens Noardburgum (drinking water)
  • Demosite Wetsalt-Harlingen (desalination and salinity gradient energy)
  • Demosite Wetterskip Fryslan (waste water)

For more information, please visit http://wiki.wateralliance.nl/Demo_Site_information

or  www.wateralliance.nl


  • Widening participation:

Investing in stones and laboratory equipment is often a first step in starting an innovation centre or a regional centre of excellence. But most often the people and their knowledge and skill levels are given less attention, although they are a vital ingredient for the functioning of an innovative ecosystem. WaterCampus Leeuwarden offers various opportunities for Master Students and PhDs to learn about the newest technologies, Academia-Industry cooperation, new skills and entrepreneurship.

Furthermore every year the WaterCampus Business Challenge offers entrepreneurs, scientists and starters an opportunity to get trained in developing business plans, give elevator pitches, learn about niche markets and attracting investment and most importantly network and enhance skills. We also work with the Climate-KIC to enhance this Human Capital Agenda.

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