Call title:
EIC Fast track to Innovation (FTI)
Types of partners sought
partners already involved: • Partner 1. (SME) Hot melt adhesive formulator and manufacturing. P1 will develop the new biodegradable hot melt formulations./Partner 5. (RTO) Research & Technological Centre with high research experience in the plastic sector and analytical capacities in this area. P5 will be in charge of providing technical assistance in the development and validation of the bio-hot-melt. Besides, it will assist the use of the hot melt adhesive in packaging. Looking for partners in the following profiles: • Partner 2. (SME/LE) Development of biobased and biodegradable polymers compounds. P2 will develop the new biopolymers compound. • Partner 3. (SME/LE) Paper and/or corrugated bio-packaging manufacturing. P3 will validate the new bio-hot-melt in its packaging. • Partner 4. (SME/LE) Biobased and biodegradable plastics packaging manufacturing. P4 will validate the new bio-hot melt in its packaging. Both role P3 and P4 could be assumed by the same partner in case of having the necessary competences.

The project is framed in the Fast Track to Innovation call (Please, see page 4 of abstract attached to the email or visit for more info). The project consortium will be formed by 4 Industrial Companies from different EU countries and 1 RTO.

The project aims to develop, manufacture and commercially launch a new high-quality biodegradable hot melt adhesive family from biopolymers (bio-based) for plastics, paper and cardboard packaging applications.

Nowadays, the recyclability of packaging which make use of hot melt encounters different problems. That´s the case for paper and cardboard: one of the main limitations found on the recycling processes (repulping) is the organic contamination of the water used in the process (Adherent deposits or stickies) due to the presence of adhesives. These stickies reduce both the productivity of the machine and the properties of the final product. Moreover, plastics are also negatively affected by the use of hot melt in terms of environmental impact. The presence of adhesive often inhibits the biodegradation and thus preventing the packaging from being 100% biodegradable.

For these reasons, currently there are no 100% biodegradable packaging in the market. All the current marketed packaging incorporates non-biodegradable elements such as adhesive that interfere significantly in the natural processes of degradation. In the same way, all the paper and cardboard packaging marketed include adhesives that impede the recycling process. BIOHOTMELT aims to overcome these challenges.

Deadline of the call: