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Creative Europe: Support for European Cooperation Projects 2017
Types of partners sought
We are looking for universities or research centres that work with artistic centres (artistic practice, media labs, etc.)

EUREKA project aims at encouraging interdisciplinarity in international artistic creation, fostering the crossing of borders in multiple research areas in the service of better understanding and a multifaceted intervention in our European cities.

In view of the gradual blurring of the boundaries between disciplines perceived in the artistic world, EUREKA seeks to accompany that trend by facilitating meetings, eliminating barriers and enabling synergies at multiple levels, turning the helm of research towards the improvement of citizens' quality of life.

We propose interdisciplinarity as the basis for work, offering the best resources and platforms for its furtherance, and we place these in the service of the environment, of shared spaces, of sustainability, of inclusion and social innovation. In this way, we suggest a flow of knowledge and creativity that sails unbounded between art, technology and cities, through both practical and theoretical contributions.

For this reason, EUREKA aims to engage two different types of institutions: 1) cultural centres engaging in artistic production or research, concerned with arranging and organising interdisciplinary residencies; 2) research and training centres in charge of establishing a dialogue between the different ideas revolving around interdisciplinarity and cities, and of fostering their dissemination to society and generations of young students.


  • Promotion of mobility and meetings among artists and researchers of different backgrounds with respect to speciality and origin in an international network of mutual enrichment
  • Development of Europe's cultural fabric thanks to the generation of connections between different disciplines and institutions and a direct link to contemporary society
  • Suport for and strengthening of innovative approaches to creation, promoting both fertiles and unusual collaboration and work processes where the exploration of vernaculars is at the service of an improvement in citizens' live
  • Stimulation of training and participation of audiences in the realm of new artistic vernaculars, facilitating meetings and discussions among today's interdisciplinary creators and citizens
  • Trasnsmission and dissemination of innovative processes by generating both theoretical studies and also a corpus of tools and actions to boost interdisciplinarity creativity linked to the development of contemporary cities

More information on the coordinator, Aula de las Artes from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid:

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Financial aspects:
The application should request an EU grant of no more than EUR 200. 000 representing maximum 60% of the total eligible budget.