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European remembrance
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Looking for partners from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

100 years of memories

The European Union is built on fundamental values such as freedom, democracy and respect for human rights. In order to fully appreciate their meaning, it is necessary to keep the memories of the past alive as a means of moving beyond the past and building the future. This year Europe marks 100 years from the end of the Great War, which led to unification and independence for some European countries, like Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The war reached out almost everyone’s life in some way or other. Most of young people, especially men, joined the army and fought for their country, which is no longer necessary today. Now, young people enjoy their full rights and benefit of a great range of opportunities, thanks to the European Union.

In order to keep the memory of the past alive, to really appreciate peace and liberty, values of the European Union, the young generation must understand how society has changed after all this years, by searching and comparing the life of their counterparts, a hundred years ago.

Title: 100 de ani de amintiri/100 years of memories

Programme: Europe for Citizens Strand 1: European remembrance Submission Deadline: 1 March 2018

Dates of the project: 1 September 2018 – 31 December 2019

Applicant: Vaslui County Council is the main local public institution based in Vaslui County, North-East Region of Romania, with a major role in stimulating the local development. The main task of Vaslui County Council is to support socio-economic development of the county through various programs and projects.

Vaslui County Council is an active member of Assembly of European Regions (ARE), Union of Romanian County Councils, the Europe Direct Centres European Network and a trustworthy partner of the North-East Regional Development Agency.

General Objective: Commemoration of the end of the World War I – the rise of nation states and the failure to create a European cooperation and peaceful coexistence. 

Specific objectives:

  • to raise the interest of young people in national and European history;  to stimulate reflection and debate on important moments of our past;  to connect different generations and nations;
  • to raise the awareness on European values.

Financing rules:

Unit costs: The unit cost is based on two parameters which constitute the main elements of any project action: the number of participants and the number of countries involved. The amount is established by crossing the number of participants with the number of countries. Examples of eligible costs (reimbursed as a lump sum):

  • operational services related to the whole project (staff & coordination)
  • travel and accommodation of participants,

  • venue rental & translation,

  • communication,

  • operational services related to particular events making part of the project (staff & coordination)

    - Cristina VASILIU - manager, Vaslui County Council -;
    - Mihaela DUMITRAS - counsellor, Vaslui County Council - 

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Opening Science
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