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INTEGRATION OF THIRD-COUNTRY NATIONALS – TOPIC : Promote swift integration of TCNs into the labour market through strengthened cooperation and mobilisation of employers and social and economic partners
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Relevant union/ association/chamber or a company from counties: Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal

The aim of the present project is the integration of third country nationals into the labour market through skill acquisition and development in the form of fast track vocational training and placement services.

The skills of TCNs will be assessed in the context of the project using a methodology that includes methods such as interviews as well as tools with special reference to the use of the EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals. The tool will assist in the preliminary profiling of the skills of TCNs and will serve as a guide for methods such as practical tests.

The outcomes of the skill assessment procedure will be subject to an analysis that matches the TCNs’ human capital with factors that affect labour market integration in the long run such as labour market needs. Through the skills assessment procedure a suitable training area will be identified for each third country national corresponding to a vocational training program. The vocational training program will include mentoring that will help third country nationals overcome lack in labour market related networks, reduce the cultural gap and provide information on rights and duties regarding their access to the labour market. The next step following the training will be the establishment of pathways to employment. Third country nationals will be assisted in the context of the project in finding work placements in cooperation with employment assistance services inter alia through career forums and awareness raising among employers. 

Activities aiming at the engagement and mobilisation of employers will permeate the whole project as employers’ contribution is essential in making refugees’ labour market integration a reality. TCNs and employers will receive support and training work placements (mentoring and information for rights and duties for TCNs and training on how to integrate TCNs into the workplace and provision of information on other TCN related issues). The promotion of the labour market integration of TCNs as a resolution of labour supply gaps and shortages and demographic ageing is of great importance. Raising awareness among employers aims at their mobilising to offer opportunities and recognise the value of further development of skills and competences in the context of corporate social responsibility. The aforementioned activities will result in the development of a guide for employers serving as a repository of information and resources aiming at supporting and sustaining labour market integration of TCNs. 

Overall the project aims at developing and implementing a comprehensive plan of labour market integration for third country nationals based on skill assessment, vocational training and placement services.

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